Monday, September 7, 2015

Remember, Remember...

...The sad story of poor, ill-fated Juror Number Eight. Fashion's edicts are ignored at your peril.

Here at the Café, I've never been that huge a fan of white shoes to begin with, so the passing of the summer leaves little regret on that front. On the other hand, fall colors have always suited me, and this year I'll have to buy some clothes given that last year's all make me look like I'm trying to introduce an element of the kaftan into even the properest of conservative suits.  I took a carload of outsized old clothes to my favorite thrift shop on Saturday morning, and now my closet looks more than a tad forlorn.

But you can be assured that, when the time comes to go to the Mall, I'll keep the gimlet eye of Mrs. Sutphin in mind as I look for some new seasonal favorites.


  1. I've been binging on old Drag Race and just the other evening, RuPaul declared "White pumps are the surest way to recognize a street whore." Preach sister.