Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why Don't You...

Go all out and embrace the caftan lifestyle?  Marisa Berenson certainly did!

I'm ready for my caftan, that much I know.  After all, who has time to diet?

Fortunately, life seems to be throwing me a curve or two that look likely to get me back up and moving, so maybe I won't have to throw out everything I own that has a waist.  But even if my figure were as perfect as Miss B's here - I'd still want those cocktail rings...


  1. I'd be content just being a Schiaparelli... Jx

  2. I'm so with you, darling. We can be muumuu mamas, together!

  3. OMG I was just wrote to a friend about wearing caftans!

    It is indeed a lifestyle.

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  5. If one makes one's hair taller, one immediately looks 10 pounds lighter per inch, right? I mean, just look at Marisa there.