Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Way Down in Egypt Land

Maybe it's just the wretched weather, but today I find myself especially nostalgic for Cairo...

But since we've got no travel planned, I'll have to settle for listening to one of our old favorites around here - yes, it's that immortal ditty by those three kicky teens from Franklin, PA, the fabulous "Egyptian Shumba" by The Tammys, set by a particularly brilliant YouTuber to a 1931 Silly Symphony.  You're welcome.

Stumbling on this has added a much-needed light note to this day of snow and ice - today's commute (usually under 20 minutes) was a two-hour-plus odyssey all told, split over two attempts (on the first, after 70 minutes I was just about half-a-mile from the house and finally turned around).  Sometimes it's all enough to almost - almost - make me feel just a tad nostalgic for the Sandlands.  Almost.

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  1. Ah, Winter. Thankfully it's rarely as catastrophic here as in the States (although one might never guess, given the apocalyptic tabloid headlines whenever a flake of snow falls) - but the grimness and eternal wet are the principal stimuli for us booking our annual trip to the sun in February. Given recent horror stories, however, I doubt Egypt with its homo-crackdown will be a destination for a while (until they get a decent government).

    I also doubt The Tammys could have pointed to Egypt on a map. Jx