Saturday, January 3, 2015

Birthday Girl: Miss Glory

All best returns on her 118th birthday to the lovely and talented (geniunely) Miss Marion Davies.  She's seen here looking wistful in an atmospheric snap by Mr. Hurrell.  Has anyone ever seen a color photograph of Marion, a real one, that is?  I can't find one, but I think she must have had lovely coloring.


  1. By all accounts, a singularly marvellous woman. Jx

    PS Just don't mention Thomas Ince, OK?

  2. She is a neighbor, in the sense that she rests, eternally, in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery which is a couple of block from me. I treat it as my neighborhood park and go there quite often as it is lovely and tranquil. I'll be glad to give Marion your fond regards next time! (it's a family crypt and Arthur Lake resides within, as well)

    I can't seem to find any authentic color photos of her either, drat.

    1. Oh, do give her my best the next time you drop by. Heck, say "hi" to Arthur, too...

  3. Marion in two-color Technicolor should be more accurate than any vintage or latter-day photo painting. She made more movies in that process than any other actress, so she ought to be well represented in the forthcoming book The Dawn of Technicolor 1915-1935.