Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, Baby

Well, I was hoping to find a fun New Year pinup for y'all - you know, a little Baby New Year all grown up, as it were.  However, I quickly discovered that Googling "hot man diaper" uncovers all sorts of things, but few have them have much to do with New Year's Day.  Goodness, the things people do get up to...

Instead, here's Bollywood stalwart Aditya Pancholi in an uncharacteristically revealing sort of mood.  The snap predates the Indian film industry's current obsession with exaggerated musculature and extreme manscaping, and if you ask me is all the better for it.  The watch is an odd touch, though, don't you think?

All's well with us as 2015 gets into gear - our little festivities went off rather well, and it's some measure of how temperate one gets with age that I was up and out with the dogs by 7:30 and not feeling all that much the worse for wear than on any other Thursday.  I hope you've begun the year with a minimum of hangoverischeness and high hopes for the New Year.  If 2015 maintains the coy but insinuating air that Mr. Pancholi is bringing our way, it may turn out rather well...


  1. Ah, but if only I could say the same. It was that bugger bourbon!

  2. Unfortunately Mr Pancholi does not seem to have aged well. Unlike us, of course - Huzzah! Jx