Monday, June 23, 2014

Who's That Girl?

Doesn't she have the most marvelous expression?

I've been sifting through our old travel pictures - out of a combination of eagerness to do anything at all that doesn't actually prepare us any better for the coming move and nostalgia for summers when we could afford to have had ambitious and amusing summer travel plans.

We saw this serene lady three years ago this very day while we were staying in Amsterdam - one of our favorite places in general, and on this trip in particular.  She stands across the Singel canal from the Krijtberg church, and aside from that I neither know nor have been able to discover a thing about her.  Any Café readers out there who can tell us who she is?


  1. Through the wonders of Google Earth, I zoomed in on the spot where the comely woman stands and spun the view around to identify a travel agency that stands nearby. I found their website and emailed the agency to inquire about the sculpture. Am awaiting a reply. Will hopefully have an answer before long.

    1. My goodness, Bill - such enterprise! If they come through, I shall have to be certain to use them to plan my next Dutch adventure...

    2. Nothing yet. But still hopeful. My Dutch is nonexistent so they'd have to translate my message.

    3. Kilroy came through...sort of.

      Dear Bill,

      Thanks for your email.

      Unfortunately, we do not have the answer.
      Maybe you can contact

      Have a nice day!

      Met vriendelijke groet/Best regards,

      Online Travel Specialist
      KILROY, Singel 413, 1012 WP Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    4. She's a mystery! I found a full length picture that also shows her pedestal - it appears to be unmarked. Maybe she's just a random moment of happiness in a city rather full of them...

  2. We were sat having a coffee/beer/brandy (I forget which) just last year outside De Beiaard café, wondering exactly the same thing. I don't think we ever found out, either. She's adorable. Jx

  3. I already e-mailed some details to the address found on your profile page - which you seem to have ignored completely (your choice of course). I'll try again with this horrible bloggery thing: The statue is by Pieter d'Hont and is called "Vrouw met stola" (Woman with stole). It was a gift to the city from a commercial enterprise. The wife of the sculptor is said to have modelled.

    1. Oh, my - my Dear Reader - a thousand apologies! I'm terribly sorry to have missed your marvelously informative message. I must confess I too infrequently check that account, which - as has your comment - solved the mystery.

      In a city so full of monuments, it's interesting to know that this sculpture, at least, is meant to be admired for its own merit, rather than its commemoration of some event or civic virtue. Even so, I can't help but think that this lady and her stole have been an encouraging presence to passers-by in all the years she's presided next to the Singelgracht.

      Thank you, and do forgive my inadvertent rudeness.