Thursday, May 16, 2013

Memory Lane: So Complete

This number, by UK DJ/Songbird Sonique, played nonstop for what seemed the better part of a year on one of the satellite music channels we would watch when Mr. Muscato and I lived in East Africa.  We were landlocked, and living in the chilly highlands, so this vision of a sultry pool party seemed teasing and unfair (never mind that neither of us were ever exactly the kind of pretty party boys who appear to hang out chez Sonique).  It's another of the songs I would probably have never run across if not for the bizarre life I led, and another I can't imagine doing without.

Visions of pools and sunshine seem a little more to the point at the moment, however, as the Mister and I are even as I type back down in our beloved old Sultanate, lazing in the shade of our favorite tree at our old beach club.  The Bahrain boys and some of their set have joined us, so it's all very gay in several senses of the word.  The weather is hot but bone dry, the pints are exactly the opposite, and all's well with the world.  Perhaps there's something to this being fifty business after all...

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  1. Fab musings...

    I can't deny it, however - I had never heard that song (shame, it's a sexy video). Sonique's world-beater for us (three weeks at Number 1 in May 2000, and seemed to be around forever during the rest of that year) was this one.

    The lyrics of "Alive" seem so very apt in hindsight, given the lovely lady's struggles against breast cancer in 2009. But I am pleased to report she's still very much with us, and is doing some PAs in London this month and next. Jx