Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthday Stars: C'mon Along...

It's surely only happenstance that the attractive couple above share a birthday, but it's a pleasing conjunction of circumstances nonetheless.  

Alice Faye and Tyrone Power made only three pictures together; all of them - In Old Chicago, Alexander's Ragtime Band (ballyhooed in this still), and Rose of Washington Square - more significant to the Faye oeuvre than to Tyrone's, but all solid yarns.  Together, the two stars have on each other something of the effect attributed to the more prolific pairing of Rogers and Astaire: down-to-earth, commonsensical Alice grounds the ethereally pretty Power, while his admiration helps the audience realize that she's more than just a prole-pretty face.

I'm not really able to be impartial about Alice, about whom I've already shown myself enraptured.  Power I find a more acquired taste, but he's certainly never less than decorative and frequently a great deal more.  Both had relatively short, intense careers, with Faye walking away from Fox and movies at 40 (with nearly the finality of Durbin, athough she continued to flourish on radio for a decade after leaving Fox) and Powers dead at only 44.  

They certainly make a pretty pair,and they seemed thoroughly to have enjoyed each other's company.  They're both good eggs, wielding a kind of star power that's hard to imagine these days, and I hope that over the years they had many an amusing shared birthday.  Do you think that in sixty-odd years anyone will wax nostalgic over the memory of any of today's screen couples?  


  1. Who ARE today's screen couples? We don't even have a Ma and Pa Kettle.

    1. Well, we did have Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, until she ruined her face.

    2. Brangelina? The Twilight brats? You're right - the pickings are pretty slim.