Friday, May 31, 2013

Home Sweet Home

After a thoroughly uneventful flight, I've arrived in Cairo and am now ensconced chez nous.  We're lucky, as you can see, in not being totally surrounded by the rather dire cement flats that dominate this part of town - the open view was one of the things that sold Mr. Muscato on the flat when first we saw it.

So far the place seems much as remembered - chaotic, hot, friendly.  At the airport, the little man at duty free still sits puffing away directly under the No Smoking sign, and the decrepit taxis still weave about causing mayhem.  We're having a quiet night this evening, friends who heard we're here dropping by and blissfully ordering in (in terms of delivery, Cairo makes Manhattan look like Muncie - even the liquor store obliges).  Tomorrow it's more unpacking and perhaps a little gadding about, but for now we're just enjoying the unusual and very pleasant sensation of being in a place of our own.


  1. I was just a few minutes ago listening to a The World (on NPR) where they were speaking to a young Egyptian girl who was going on and on about her home country (so of course I was thinking of you). She was most enthusiastic about the seafood in Alexandria...and it sounded so much like home (N.O.) that I feel impelled to go there.