Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor

Based on this little gem, I wish we could use United Van Lines for our all-too-looming upheaval, now just a few weeks away.  That way, no matter what hell we go through getting our hoarder's trove of stuff half way 'round the world, I could at least rest easy knowing that my chafing dish will get there safe and sound.

As is so often the case with missives from the last mid-century, too, I'm reminded what a slatternly sort I really must be.  I've gone through something like eight major moves in the past 15 years, and never once did it occur to me to be concerned whether my moving van had been sanitized for my protection, a service in my experience hitherto restricted to motel toilet seats.  Live and learn...


  1. We started our odyssey a year ago this week when we got our marching orders. Our moving van wasn't sanitized, and it was grit proofed, either.

    When do they start he packing?

  2. I could use some exPERT handling!

  3. i loved the agent in a suit and tie. imagine.

    united missed an opportunity; they should've had a just sanitized paper strip across the back door of the van. then, the united dancers could've kicked open the van, welcoming the workers and their unipacked goodies!

  4. Goodness...I didn't realize my wrapping things in newspaper is the patented "modern unipacking system". I hope they don't demand royalties.

  5. If ever I want a sanitised chafing dish, I know who to call.. Jx