Tuesday, December 25, 2012

They're Heee-eeere!

"I can't believe she did it again this year!"'

"What - came two hours early or brought along Sheila from Accounts Receivable?"


"Well, what do you want me to do about it?  She's your Aunt Claudia - go and get them a glass of Cold Duck or there'll be hell to pay.  I've got to finish getting dressed."


  1. next year, make sure the wreath is
    five inches larger; then it'll be perfect.

  2. This is a true story. (Christmas kisses to youse guys)

  3. Forget the Cold Duck. Get those skinny dykes a platter of cheeseburgers and a couple of chocolate malteds. And step on it!

    I won't have them withering away on my sofa.

    1. Oh, I wouldn't worry about those tough old birds. They live on vodka, Pall Malls, and office gossip, pretty much in that order.

      And by the time they got done with the rumaki platter at this party, there wasn't much left to wrap up for later...