Monday, December 17, 2012

Neither Heroes Nor Clowns

As you might have guessed, I find myself, this holiday season, rather morose - so many problems in the world (something one is even more aware of out here in the Sandlands, in close proximity as one is to political upheaval, not to mention social injustice on a scale and a class system as vile as one is likely to find anywhere in the world) and so few answers.

I suppose you won't be surprised that I've found, if not answers, then at least a little consolation, by watchng as many tacky holiday numbers as possible.  And, here, even finding as good a stab at an answer as I've come across yet. 

Leave it to the woman who kept up the spirits of a nation by keeping her eyes firmly fixed on "Tomorrow, when the world is free," to remind us that, as another British sensation once sang, love is all you need.  Ladies and gentlemen... Dame Vera Lynn.  It may be syrupy '70s pop, but she really socks it over.


  1. from now on, when this season brings me down...and it will,
    i'm going to imagine you, yes YOU MR. MUSCATO, in this very apricot ensemble and then and only then will i be able to smile.

    thank you.

  2. Bless 'er. She's still trundled out - not least in this most British of years - for special occasions. She doesn't sing any more, of course (she is 95!), but she has perfected that Queen Mother benign smirk that says "I'd rather be sat somewhere warm with the crossword than here with these crusty old veterans."

    And yes, Mme Muscato, I can see you with peach bell sleeves gesticulating along to this number... Jx

  3. You notice she only ever moves her arms. Makes you wonder whats going on under that apricot chiffon skirt. Or not.

    1. What do you want? She's a Beloved National Icon, not some sort of Cooch Girl. Actually, it's a little known fact, but she was on casters as early as 1952.

      As for the dress - it's the sort of thing that makes one realize that Penelope Keith's outfits as Margot Leadbetter on The Good Life weren't really as mad as they look now...

    2. "That's the last time I play the tart for you, Jerry!" Jx