Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meanwhile, Over at Glamor Shots...

Nobody, really, was all that surprised when Barbie left Francie.  Of course, they'd been together for years - all the way back to Malibu and those hardscrabble days in that terrible band with Ken and Allan (not to mention that grade-A bitch PJ - she was the one who forced them into those mortifying fringe costumes, before she just up and disappeared), long before Barbie even dreamed of being a vet, let alone a TV news anchor, a fashion designer, an astronaut, and a presidential candidate.  Still, these things happen, and suddenly good-hearted, sensible Francie was yesterday's news.  Last I heard, she was still teaching algebra, but thinking maybe she might after all have a vocation.

No, the real scandal didn't start until after Barbie joined the Lipstick Ladies Bowling League.  Life without Francie at the Dream Condo® was pretty quiet, and she needed a hobby.  The girls' regular Tuesday nights got pretty raucous in the Bowlarama bar, and who should Barbie discover one Tuesday, after a couple of margaritas, was tending bar there but an old friend? 

Midge was nearly unrecognizable after her stint in the adult-film industry, but there was no denying she looked good.  So, anyway, they're trying to give it a go.  Turns out Midge even still had Ken's number and they're in touch sometimes.  Small world - he lives just a couple of miles away with Joe, an ex-G.I.  Maybe they'll all get together for brunch some Sunday and laugh about how strange things can turn out in the end...


  1. is it the desert heat that's getting to you?

  2. genius!
    Why is this not on the tv, instead of all those horrible "housewives"

  3. Then along came Skipper....

  4. Skipper? Don't mention that trollop's name. She's dead to us, and has been ever since that unfortunate incident with the Corvette at the Beach House.