Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birthday Girl: The Beat Goes On

Cher by Avedon, Mononym to Mononym
She's been famous, in different ways in each, in six different decades.  She is perhaps the most self-aware of performers, one laugh ahead of her worst critics and always ready to admit that she's an unlikely bet to have become both one of the greatest and most durable of stars. 

Early on, before settling on her defining monosyllablism, she was briefly known profressionally as Bonnie Jo Mason, Cherilyn, and Cleo.  She's got her Oscar, not to mention a shelf-full of lesser honors, not to mention a fortune conservatively estimated in the hundreds of millions.  Notwithstanding that she headlined a multi-year, multi-continent Farewell Tour once upon a time earlier this century, she's getting ready to hit the road again this fall.  Just as well; the world could always use a little more Cher.

She's 66 today, and that seems like the most improbable thing of all.


  1. I've loved her my whole life. Vivid, vivid memories of my absolute delight at her variety show with Sonny.

    Missed her last farewell tour. Had the fix but then had a breakup and was too busted up to attend. Should've known I'd regret missing Cher more than I regretted the relationship ending.

    Ed was along shortly thereafter to save me, and Cher soon released Gold to keep me properly Cherified.

  2. "The world could always use a little more Cher" - ain't that the truth?! Jx

  3. I'd like to see her return to film actually....a good one.

  4. It would indeed be great to think she's still got a good picture or two in her, but there's no denying she's a casting challenge.

    As a child, I was terrified of her (and one of the grandmothers was scandalized at the Bob Mackeys, or more precisely at the navel), but it all turned to adoration when, next door, Suzy Cooney's big sister Molly got a Cher doll and a passel of outfits.

    She didn't get me through a breakup, but "Believe" came out just when I was making crazy enormous life changes, and that song was one of the things that made it all seem like it made sense. Turns out it did.

  5. Like Bill, I adored her on the old Sonny & Cher show. Never got to see her perform live, but I did see her in person once as she was leaving the Oscars. (This was the same night I touched Meryl Streep after she won for Sophie's Choice) She wasn't quite the respected actress yet but was definitely a STAR and looked resplendent in a fabulous white gown, undoubtedly by Mackie. It was a moment I'll never forget in an evening full of unforgettable moments.

  6. Give her the full title: Cherilyn Sarkesian Bono Allman Bagelmaker Naveldiva Oscarmama. Courtesy of Michael Musto.