Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Broadway Melodica of 2017

Just to show that it's not griping 24/7 hereabouts, something that's been making me exceedingly happy over the last day or so.

While this snappy interpretation of the great Overture to Candide only appears to feature half the two-man team that is the Melodica Men, there's talent enough for an orchestra on display here. This is one of my favorite pieces of music, and Joe Buono pretty much does it justice and then some. And it doesn't hurt that he's kind of a charmer, now, does it? Given that the composer himself knew a thing or two about that sort of thing, it only seems right (he's kind of a dab hand at the piece, as well, in case you didn't know it, and on a rather grander scale).

The duo (as an actual duo) has had another go at Bernstein, and it's great, too. And it's now my life's ambition to see them do "Libertango" with its greatest interpreter, Miss Grace Jones.

In any case, if you're in the mood for some escapism (and I can't conceive of any reason at all that you might be... *), you can do a great deal worse than spend time with these guys.

* /sarcasm


  1. Fabulous! And here's one for you: a rare copy of "History Is Made at Night" -- probably won't be up for long. Enjoy!

    1. Fabulous! Never seen it. Let's hope it makes it through the next day or so (Mandalay was up for a hot minute last month and I only managed to see the first half. Most annoying).