Thursday, July 6, 2017

Stars for a Summer Afternoon

For no other reason than it's just so damn pretty, here are Messrs. Ronald Reagan and John Payne having a casual chat on some fine, long-forgotten Hollywood day. I'm finding Mr. Payne's thigh postively mesmerizing.

Life at Golden Handcuffs this time of year is singularly dull, so this sort of distraction is particularly welcome. Fortunately, we've got some very definite amusements coming up shortly - more of which, no doubt, anon - so for the moment I'll soldier on (and definitely try not to spend any time focusing on the phenomenon of finding one of my very least favorite political leaders - pre-2017 - so toothsome).


  1. Reagan, I just never got the appeal even before he became the odious thing of later years....but young John Payne!! So dishy.

  2. Trump's new sticker:"Make Ronnie Look Good Again" As if.

  3. That thigh should have its own Facebook page.

  4. There ain't nothing wrong with that tit neither.

    1. You'll get no argument from me, sister...