Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sweet Songs, From Now On

Some things defy credulity, the workings of the human heart among them. In the end, they were each other's lucky star. And that's a very sweet song, indeed.


  1. Wow, Meryl could have had a career as a singer. She is a big star no matter what.

  2. Maybe I should see that movie. I've always sort of dismissed it before, I don't know if because of or despite its casting.

    1. I wouldn't make a case for it as a masterpiece, but it's a wittily scripted film, with some excellent set pieces, uniformly good performances (including our beloved Mary Wickes as the gorgon grandmother), and a chance for the two leads to ham it up nicely. Fisher mined her own life relentlessly (and with all the material it presented, who can blame her?), but this is probably her best work. Although I did enjoy watching her one-woman show, currently up on YT if you look carefully...

  3. We watched this last night, and Hubbs had never seen it. I hadn't realised before that Carrie Fisher wrote the entire screenplay herself. It stands the test of time.
    As the final credits rolled, my (much younger) Husband remarked 'So, Debbie Reynolds played herself in that??' Bless him.