Thursday, June 30, 2016

So Long, Farewell...

Of course, we're really more dog people, but these traveling cats are just so twee I couldn't resist. Consider them an artist's impression of my early evening.

Yes, I've been doing my best impression of Miss Margo Channing at the airport, bidding my groom adieu, or in this case ma salaama.  Himself is off to Egypt for a couple of weeks, lucky stiff, and I'm home looking after the terriers. The end of Ramadan and the festival that follows is in sight, and we decided that he deserved a break. I really can't be too mad about it all, as I did get that fab two-week stint, albeit it a working vacation, out in San Francisco last month.

[And I just can't get over those cats; I'm struck with the difficulties of design one would have trying to come up with appropriate methods to account for tailoring around those tails...]

So it will be a quiet little while hereabouts. I'm filled with good intentions about continuing to rid the place out, finishing up the digitization of my music collection (and then dumping the CDs), being terribly good at the gym, and that sort of thing, but I'll probably just loll around watching YouTube videos and reading trash.  Sounds heavenly, now that I think about it.

[And what about certain kinds of hygienic arrangements? Are these globe-trotting cats anthropoid enough to use a standard john, or is that feline PanAm Clipper equipped with some sort of litter box arrangment?  So many questions...]

In any case, the coming long weekend will be a welcome opportunity to take a little break, no matter how productive it may or may not turn out to be. Kevin-my-trainer is running away for the holiday, so I'm wholly without non-canine obligations. Is it a sign of creeping senescence (a term that seems more appropriate than middle-age, for I'm rapidly leaving that in the rear-view mirror) that I'm greeting the prospect of possibly not leaving the house from Friday afternoon to Tuesday morning with a kind of glee?

[And what do you suppose the meal service would be like? Fancy Feast for all, or what?]


  1. Think of this coming weekend as training for your coming retirement.

  2. senescence - a word new to me and one that accurately describes my state of life. My hope is that alcohol and drugs slow down the process, which I know they don't but who cares?

  3. According to the ever-accurate Wikipedia listing for senescence: "Different parts of the body may age at different rates. Two organisms of the same species can also age at different rates, so that biological aging and chronological aging are quite distinct concepts."

    So there! Jx