Sunday, June 26, 2016

It's Indescribable

Although the celebrations worldwide now spread hither and yon across June and beyond, this weekend - if only because it is so celebrated in our two cultural homelands, New York and San Francisco - is somehow the Most Official Pride Weekend of them all.

Here to celebrate it with us is disco diva extraordinaire Miss Martha Wash, giving us a song that I don't think got nearly the acclaim it should have. In so many ways, she's right: It's Our Time.  Thanks to the Supreme Court, of course, these last few days of June will now include not just pride, but the historic outcome of Obergefell v. Hodges, and so mark the onset of marriage equality across the United States.

Talk about indescribable: my first Pride March was in 1980, when in that vanished world the point was abandon and excess; now it's joint IRAs and all those damn strollers everywhere (Oh, I'm happy for all those dads and moms, really I am - but good lord those strollers, and especially the inevitable semi-truck-sized ones for Madison and Olivia, the twins, are everywhere).

And Martha Wash has been through it all with us. I can't say the video is all that much, but the song always gets me, and I hope it gets you, too.

As for us, well, it's a quiet weekend hereabouts.  No pride parades for us this year, however many fond memories we may have of years past in Manhattan, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam (and quieter but in some ways even more memorable celebrations in various principalities of the Sandlands).  I've been terribly domestic this weekend, tidying up closets, dealing with the endless piles of laundry, and cooking up what looks to be a very promising Shrimp Vindaloo indeed. Over in his pastoral corner of Bloglandia, dear Mr. John Gray has noted the hazards of trying to maintain some level beyond passing acquaintance when two people have wholly different schedules, and at the moment between his appalling work hours and the rigors of Ramadan, Mr. Muscato and I are feeling rather like passing ships ourselves.

But we're married, oh, yes we are. And it really is indescribable. It's our time - and yours, too, darlings, and I hope you're enjoying it.


  1. We certainly are enjoying it - it was our Pride weekend, too! Jx

  2. Indescribable, indeed! If you had told me when I came out (some 37 years ago) that our gay world would look like it does today, I would have thought you insane. Happy Pride!!!

  3. I was proud.....and out......and out there...but all alone in ourvsmall welsh village!
    Its a global village eh

  4. What Jasoneats commented above is exactly how I feel. We've come a long way, baby!