Monday, February 8, 2016

They Wore Blue Velvet...

Because what says "glad tidings" more than home-tailored crushed velvet?

Betty and Jess look like kind of a pain, but ol' Jackie might well be kind of fun after a ChampAle or two, don't you think?

Maybe it's just the glasses, but I'm guessing Jess and Jackie are siblings, and Betty's Mrs. Jess. Or maybe they're all siblings. Or maybe - if rather horrifyingly - both guesses are right. It's even possible that they're total strangers, brought together by their love for synthetic fabrics and religious keening. I suppose we'll never know...


  1. Gracious mercy!!! If that doesn't scream 60's praising I don't know what does. All that's missing is a plaid bow.

  2. You're completely right about ol' Jackie. That come-hither tilt of her chin just screams mischief.

    1. Mischief? Swallows.

  3. Jackie does indeed have a knowing gaze. Perhaps Jesus saved her from a former life of sin and depravity. Perhaps she knows what of she sings. Praise be, Jackie. Praise be.

    The only real problem with crushed velvet is that it was never crushed entirely.

  4. Is it wrong that I kind of want Jess's suit?
    And Jackie's pearls.

    Never mind...