Sunday, February 21, 2016

And Away We Go...

Yup. Having gotten the thumbs-up from the Dishy Cardiologist, we're taking to the air (but not, alas, with the late lamented TWA) and on our way to Cairo. Wish us luck.

The flat's been vacant for a very long time, and initial reports from the houseman of our neighbor and only occasional caretaker are rather dire. I suspect the first few days of our trip will be spent restoring some semblance of order to the place, not to mention hot water, which apparently is at the moment but a vanished memory lodged somewhere in the depths of our recalcitrant boiler.

But even with cares domestic to consider, I really can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it - to the noise of Cairo, to the welcome of our old friends, and - oh, how very much - to the comparative warmth and sunshine. This hasn't been, by any means, an extreme winter here, but my goodness it's been a gray one.

Of course, the poor Mister will have some family woes up with which to put, as his brothers can be, to put it as diplomatically as I'm able, a royal pain in the ass. And he'll head, sadly, up to his family's village in the Delta to see his aged aunts and uncles and pay respects at his mother's grave. I'll be staying in town, and it will be interesting to be in the great metropolis on my own for a day or two. I shall have to endeavor to get in some mild form of diverting trouble, if only for the stories.

And, to to be good to ourselves, we're having a little treat on the way home, more of which anon, so there's that to look forward to, too.

So if it's a tad quiet hereabouts, you'll know that our Internet connection has proven as evanescent as the hot water; alternately, perhaps I'll get so fed up with dusting that I'll be back and more prolific than ever.

But oh, it's going to be such fun to travel, travel, travel...


  1. Bon Voyage - and I hope the great city remains peaceful for the duration of your stay... Jx

  2. Safe travels, and if you need to get in a special mood for your destination...

  3. Even though it may not be where you live, there's no place like home is there?

  4. Have a wonderful time and all good luck to the Mister.