Sunday, February 14, 2016

As is Our Tradition...

It's our pleasure to wish you the very happiest of Karen Valentine's Days, with all good wishes from Mr. Muscato, Koko, Boudi, and me.

May all your rooms be 222, and may all your love be American Style - truer than the red, white, and blue!

Looking for a real shot of I-didn't-remember-that-I-remembered-that nostalgia? Check out the opening credits for Room 222 - you can practically hear the subtle whoosh of double-knit-on-double-knit as those perky coeds stride 'cross campus...


  1. Replies
    1. Well of course they have to be troubled - that incisive teachers' lounge dialogue isn't going to write itself!

  2. I fondly remember Miss Valentine in a send-up of a Room 222 reunion:
    Miss K. V.: Do you remember the one I was just mad about back then?
    Friend: I do! Paul, wasn’t it?
    Miss K. V.: Yes! But he got married…
    Friend: To who?
    Miss K. V.: Joanne Woodward.

    1. Hah! She does seem in general to be a good egg. It was never a huge career, but she made it work for her.

  3. A friend who is a friend of hers confirms that she is indeed a good egg, a
    Happily married and without illusions about her degree of fame.

    And on YouTube you can find the unaired ABC pilot she made for her own series, daringly titled "Karen" as I recall, a blatant rip off of CBS's The Mary Tyler Moore Show.