Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wedding Belles

A little tableau en style Warhol, in honor of yesterday's good news.  Café regulars are well aware of my longstanding amusement with American's vinyl sweetheart...

At the far right is a souvenir from my long-gone Tokyo days, a late-'80s Takara Jenny, her little Chanelesque hounds-tooth suit a tiny marvel of tailoring.  Next to her is the latest addition to the gang, looking wistful in a bridesmaid's dress that is if anything even more garish in its natural colors than it is seen here; she's meant to be Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing.  I've decided that the Bubble Cut bride must have met them while on a junior-year abroad adventure.  As for the renegade wedding guest who's arrived in cigarette pants, left, the less said the better; she's trouble.

Why, yes - I am starting to feel like I may have a tad too much time on my hands.  Why do you ask?


  1. It's better than cutting the flowers out of old chintz curtains and appliquéing them to your skirt. I only hope that's not next.

    1. It's only a matter of time, although I can't possibly get to it until I finish tidying my bibelots...