Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Road Trip Angel

At the risk of becoming a tad repetitive, I was thrilled to see that my fave-rave Thai Royal, the Angel Princess herself, has taken to the road - with adorable results.

She's in the midst, it seems, of an official visit to Ireland and the UK, and we catch her here enjoying a spot of tea with the Irish President, who rejoices in the entirely Oirish name of Michael Higgins.  I think they're just about as cute together as a pair of Pomeranians.  I'm rather taken, too, with the pale salmon upholstery of the President's stately drawing room, a tone that the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has thoughtfully picked up as one of the hues in her sensible plaid blouse.

Apparently, the British portion of her visit (now well under way) will concentrate on promoting the study of Thai native flora.  No word of whether she'll encounter any of her fellow monarchical types - the seniormost branch of the UK family being firmly ensconced for the season at Balmoral - but I can live in hope that she'll run across her most direct counterpart, the Princess Royal.  That would be a photograph for the ages...


  1. Surely she and Anne would have TONS to chat about: recipes to exchange, fashion tips, who knows what all.

    1. Together they could author the definitive journal article on "Dressing Dowdily on an Unlimited Budget." And perhaps Anne could introduce Sirindhorn to the joys of semi-cross-dressing in uniform...

    2. ""Dressing Dowdily on an Unlimited Budget." - haha! perfect description!

  2. I would pay money for that photo.

  3. They're not all off killing things - Harry's been in fetish gear, largely on his back, playing with his balls. Jx