Sunday, September 14, 2014

My World, and Welcome to It

I've been wondering how to convey to you exactly what the last week or so has been like, but fortunately, I found this.

I've long admired/been horrified by the work of the enigmatic animator/provocateur known only as Cyriak, and this is perhaps his most brilliant work to date.  In its elegantly organized chaos, it's also an almost unnervingly accurate depiction of just exactly how I feel at the moment.  Enjoy.


  1. I love his stuff. I had a friend at work who refused to watch and who warned me it would give me seizures. One of his little doo-ti-doo-ti-doodley-doo songs is in a Fiat car commercial now.

  2. So - just the "same old, same old" at Cafe Muscato, then? Jx

  3. I am one of those women! The world can be crazy all around me, and I have learned to blankly soldier on, through, or over.

    1. The moment when the housewife's eyes first go out of sync might be my favorite thing in all media in the last ten years.