Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cat and Mouse

Let's not even address the oddity of encountering an Amy Winehouse Siamese while actually in Siam; what troubles me is whether there's any significance to the fact that Her Majesty is prey and the other two predators.  That only one was actually a Rock Star (before becoming a ChocStar) pales in comparison.

I fear that the convenience store adjacent to the hotel remains my steadiest form of cultural outreach and amusement on this trip; as I've noted before, teaching really takes it out of me, and for some reason that's been ratcheted up a gigafactor by the jetlag, which I've found fierce and only mildly relenting as time has passed.

Fortunately, at every corner in that reliable emporium lurks a potential source of amusement, so while I do regret not taking in more that the rich heritage and notorious nightlife of this amazing city can offer, I can honestly say that I've not been bored.  Exhausted, grumpy, and generally depleted, yes; but bored, never.

And now I really want to find out whether I could persuade Koko and Boudi to sit for similar portraits.  Audrey looks exactly what my first cat Cavaradossi would have looked like in a wig, and I do think I could coax a strong resemblance to Eva Gabor out of Koko...

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  1. I don't think I've been in a 7-11 since I quit smoking. If they carried these though, I might be tempted to go back.