Monday, March 31, 2014

Sweater Boy

Sexy William Powell.  Who knew?  Amusing, intriguing, gallant, flirtatious, sure - but this level of va-va-va-voom is news to me.


  1. Mother always said Look at their lips -- a full lower lip goes with a sensual nature. That must have been an old wives' tale in her family, because she was hardly the type to look for sensuality of any kind and I can't imagine where else she might have picked it up. But there it is. And there it is . . . Plus, those eyes.

  2. Remember what Tallulah told Bea: " It's not the cock. And it's not the twat. It's the eyes don't you know, and sometimes, the smell of lilac..."


    1. You know, for a multiply-addicted, sex-mad old ham, that Tallu was really just a sentimentalist at heart. Perhaps that's her genius...

  3. Not sure if it was Godfrey or Nicky who first caught my attention, but he had "it " for me from the time I was a young one. Some boys you marry, some boys you love. I often thought he was just one that you marry, but perhaps I was hasty in my judgment. This picture is of one that you could also love.