Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wedding Bell Blues

Sad news out of Bollywood, kids...

If the reports are to be believed, over the New Year's holiday, longtime Café mascot John Abraham went and got married.

And all these years, I thought he was saving himself for me.

On the other hand, the putative bride is reported to be an Indian citizen living overseas - John flew to the U.S., did the deed, and has now returned.  Perhaps a wife in America is the Indian equivalent of a Canadian girlfriend?

Well, even if he is lost to domestic bliss (in even a long-distance sort of way), there's no denying that he's left us a remarkable, as it were, body of work to keep in mind on a cold winter's night, no?


  1. I hate goodbyes & long last licks...

  2. Well I hope you put a big bill in the swear box when you heard

  3. She's "an investment banker", apparently. What an investment..! Jx

  4. He'll be sorry and then he'll come crawling back.

    1. They always do, the lousy rats...

      In the same daydreams where I'm living in one of Ginger Rogers's mid-'30s apartments, at least. A boy has to have something to get through the long days at the office...