Friday, January 17, 2014

Chilly Scenes of Winter

When I was a child, my grandparents used to laugh about seeing crazy ladies down in Miami wearing fur jackets over their Catalina bathing suits...

Now I know why.  Yes, it would seem we arrived here in admittedly still sunny Florida just in time for a major cold snap.  Most annoying.  However, it's still warmer than home, which is something, and there is excellent Cuban food, which is even better, so we're having a good time despite nearly having died of frostbite on top of a double-decker bus yesterday (the Mister and I have a tradition of finding and taking a tacky bus tour, preferably two-decked, in any new city.  Miami's is pretty primo, especially the circuit that included a crusty-but-lovable-local-character live guide).

But we're paying all that no nevermind, for tomorrow we set out on the next leg of our little jaunt, steaming further south to scenic isles - Cuba, alas, not among them, however many Cuba libres we raise in its direction...


  1. A few years back I took myself to Vieques (a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico) for a couple weeks. A tonic, the memory of which still invigorates. Have fun!

  2. Have fun!
    gee, I wish I were in Miami too.
    Maybe I'll wrap my couch's faux fur coverlet around my shoulders and walk to the kitchen in my underwear...and fix myself a Cuba Libre. That much I can do.

  3. I am certain that you're having a fabulous time, and you deserve nothing less!