Friday, October 2, 2009

You Can Always Catch Her Act at the Met

For no particular reason I woke up this morning thinking of one of my favorite people, the delightful all-American mezzo Marilyn Horne. Then I found this, which does rather tie in with yesterday's Barbra-effusion.

While the details of this particular episode of The Odd Couple elude me, it finds our diva outfitted for Carmen and accompanied by Mr. Tony Randall en toreador. It also reminds me how sad I find it that this kind of high-middle-low-culture crossover has gone the way of ... well, of opera singers appearing on hit sitcoms.


  1. didn't i once read that marilyn (in the early years) needing to make money, covered hit tunes of the day on 45s? guess her head wasn't too swelled.

  2. It's true! She's a gal with a way with tune. Also, I think, the only good thing about the Julie Andrews King and I recording. Love, love, love her.