Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meanwhile, at the Film Festival...

Since it's been a rather ... trying week or so (more of that, perhaps, anon), let's just jet away to somewhere lovely, shall we? How about the south of France?

And what better company in which to go than with Latifa, the Tunisian-born pan-Arab diva (not to be confused with the Queen of the same name, of course)? In this scenic little psychodrama, bitch has it all: yacht, red carpet triumph at Cannes, sumptuous villa, servile backup dancers - and a mysteriously here-and-gone-again hunk. Fortunately, it all ends well, 'cause Madam looks like she could whip up a little temperament. I know how she feels.

The song is her big 2003 hit "Ma etrosh ba'eed" ("Don't Go Far"), but it remains a staple of video channels and clubs across the region. I can personally attest that if you want to get a roomful of Arab guys out on the floor, this is the song to do it. And, yes, they do know all her moves...

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