Monday, April 16, 2018

Birthday Girl: Trouble Proof

Our very dear TJB has reminded me that today is Dusty's birthday. Here puts a wistful, almost anesthetized, and very, very effective spin on a song I don't otherwise associate with her.

Oh, and a little hello from hiatus-land. Things are jogging along well enough chez nous, and I hope the same for all of you. More soon, I think...


  1. Welcome back!

    Also Dusty is great.

  2. "Everything is all right (Up on the roof)", indeed.

    That was truly sublime. As was anything Dusty touched. Jx

    PS Two surprises in one go? You looming large out of your self-imposed exile, and the background confirmation that TJB has not disappeared entirely from view! He's just transmogrified into Professor Marvel, pulling the strings of The Wizard...

  3. darling, I've been off the interweb for a while; imagine my delight at finding you here when I came back and then realized this had been up also for a while. I hope it presages a return.

    As for the performance, this has to be the best turn I have ever heard this old fave get. Dusty. Ah me.