Sunday, March 4, 2018

You'd Better Shop Around...

...And the award for Most Enchanting New Products goes to...

...Our own dear Thombeau! Yes, the master of Fabulon, the MC of the always diverting (if occasionally terrifying) Redundant Variety Hour, and always one of our favorite peripatetic bloggers is now the proprietor of his very own online retail establishment - and it's pretty much everything you'd expect.

Seen above is my very own first haul from the latest incarnation of the Chateau Thombeau. What was once a rigorously curated and always entrancing blog is now, partnership with a firm called RedBubble, an equally meticulously selected and extremely enticing line of goodies ranging from mugs to cushions to clothing (to tote bags to greeting cards to...). 

One would expect nothing less than marvels when it comes to the images our host selects, but the good news is that the production firm, if these mugs are anything to go by, does a fine job in turning his dreams into reality. Bottom line: they dishwash a treat.

Thombeau is regularly adding new lines - his new Belles are especially tempting - and if I weren't currently involved in some major downsizing (the Mister and I are involved, at the moment, in a pitched battle over how many sofa cushions two middle-aged men really need - and I'm losing), there would be a parade of the attractively patterned boxes you see above making their way to our door. Even so, I'm not entirely sure I'm going to be able to resist a Belle # 3 tote bag...


  1. I have to admit, I am tempted by an "Archaic balloons" tote bag...

    Good to see that Thombeau never quite disappears, he transmogrifies. Jx

  2. Thanks for spreading the word, mon frere. And what wonderful words indeed! XOXO

  3. Oh honey, thank you so much for letting us know the latest bolt hole the miscreant is using. You know I do not use the Facenet or whatever it is called, and so I have to depend on friends like you and dear Diane von Austinburg to keep to tabs on the old fussbudget. I'm off now, I have a spot of shopping that needs attending to.