Saturday, December 23, 2017

Shameless Saturday Camp Explosion: Christmas Eve She Lit the Candles....

Well, not technically a holiday number, I suppose, but it's candy-colored enough to pass for one, and it does remind us of the importance of fire safety whilst celebrating...

Lady in the Dark is a film more reviled than seen, I think, but based only on this clip it certainly looks intriguing enough. Edith Head's magnificent mink-and-sequins costume is just about the most famous thing about the picture, and one can certainly see why. If nothing else, it gives Ginger something to do, which does not appear to be something that either her director, Mitchell Leisen, or anyone involved in staging the number (Billy Daniels was dance director, while future costume designer Don Loper apparently worked directly with Ginger) bothered to do much about. Really, though, she's not bad, although she does lean on the double-entendres a little heavily. Still, Gertrude Lawrence feels very far away, and those clowns are unnerving...


  1. This is more camp than Liberace and Elton John in the back seat of a pink Mini Cooper - gloriously over-the-top! And although Miss Rogers' gown (allegedly on display in the V&A here in London - a fact I need to verify very soon) is magnificent, I have my eye on Mr Milland's outfit, myself (I always did see myself as a bit of a "ring-master" :-) Jx

  2. Judy Garland starred in a radio play of this!
    (of lady in the dark I mean, not of Jon being a ring-master)

  3. I watch this very video often, mostly for Ginger's "Dig that" from out of nowhere.

    And I had never noticed before how little dancing she has. Mostly prancing around with an occasional little kick.

    1. I was genuinely surprised to realize I'd never seen even a clip, and so was pleased to find this. It's pretty out there, in terms of design, no?