Sunday, December 31, 2017

Fast Away...

Another one, already. Where, as the song says, has the time all gone to?

Here's our New Year's Eve a few years ago, and I believe this year's will be much the same. We're having an early dinner at our favorite little local place and then home to see if we can make it 'til midnight. The years and decades of parties large and small - many of them hosted by Yours Truly - were great fun, but I can honestly say that I'll be just as happy sitting on my usual sofa with my usual Yorkie on my lap and my usual husband just opposite.

This year, however, we will I must admit be enjoying, and gleefully so, a very swank bottle of bubbly, courtesy of a very dear and inconceivably thoughtful Gentle Reader. Would you believe that this marks the second time someone I've only ever met, as it were, cybernetically, through the Café has gone temporarily mad and sent me Champagne? One is terribly grateful of course, but it has started me musing, now and again, what might have transpired had I been expressing similar enthusiasm for, say, emerald bracelets all these years...

In whatever way you're seeing in 2018 - which this year feels far more like shaking the dust of 2017 from our collective (and collectively disgusted) feet - I wish you joy. We need these little moments in between great events, quiet interstices that allow a deep breath and a few, fleeting seconds of calm before it all sets off again. A very happy new year, my darlings, and many more to all of us.


  1. I'm shaking the dust off as we speak, dear - Happy Emerald Bracelet New Year to you, darling! Jx

  2. I hope you made it to midnight, which was 25 minutes ago, and I hope we all have a lovely new year.

  3. All the best to you and the Mister in 2018. X