Saturday, November 11, 2017

Rendez-vous sur le Nil

The weather's gotten cold and dank; the general scene is equally dismal. Mr. Muscato and I are escaping.

Cairo may be a teeming, hemi-semi-demi-apocalyptic megalopolis under the thumb of a possibly teetering regime, but right now (knowing that the high today will be in the high 70s under bright sun), it looks pretty damn good.  As a survivor of Manhattan in the '80s, I'm unfazed by all things urban, and as someone who's pottered around, in retrospect, a surprising number of teetering places, I'm pretty good at keeping my head down and my eyes wide open. We'll catch up with old friends, see how things are in our own (comparatively bucolic and extremely convenient) corner of the city, and possibly even indulge in one or even more minibreaks within our maxibreak - the Red Sea is very nice this time of year, and it's been yonks since I've ventured upriver to catch sights the likes of which are captured above.

So for the next few weeks, we're wintering on the Nile. As Miss Ella Peterson observed of the Bonjour Tristesse Brassière Company - send me my mail there...


  1. Safe travels, and salacious tales to be told (one hopes).

  2. A "possibly teetering regime"?

    According to the gay rights campaign AllOut: "at least 59 people have been arrested and charged with "debauchery" in the anti-LGBT hunt launched after a rainbow flag was waved at a concert."

    I will avoid paying any of my well-earned money into such a vile country for a long while. Jx

  3. I know how you love Egypt, so I'll just wish you bon voyage and by all means, keep your head down.

  4. I would imagine everyone there will be happy to see the two of you. Have a nice time.

  5. Be careful, Sugar - hope you and your Mr. have a wonderful time!