Wednesday, November 8, 2017

One Year

Walking out of the office that cool Tuesday afternoon, this is something I saw. Heading home, it seemed like such a good omen.

That night, of course, that proved not to be quite the case. It's been quite a year, and not one to relish, but at least yesterday brought us a little bit of hope, and here in the Old Dominion, it almost seems like the faintest beginning of the turning of a tide. We can hope.

And in my heart of hearts - I'm still with her.


  1. I think the majority of American people have had a wake-up call and are acting on it.

  2. Even when a democrat (once again) resides in the
    White House, I'll never breathe freely again.

    1. I fear you're right; at the very best, we've had a taste of just how wrong things can go, and it's not nice at all.