Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Next Stop, Miami Beach!

We may not have bacchanales on the scale of yesteryear on tap today, but I'm still indulging in a favorite Hallowe'en treat...

Catching up with a seminal work of my misbegotten youth, Sally Cruikshank's fabulous, endlessly amusing Face Like a Frog - which, remarkably, is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. It's not strictly specifically of the season, I suppose, but the tale of Frogface in a house with a hex on it is certainly timely, and if nothing else, its heroine, Gluey (or is it Galooey?) is one of my favorite cinematic characters - even if (or because?) she's not wearing underwear.

And I don't know about you, but I'd happily jump on the subway to hell from a platform in a forbidden basement, as long as I had such a charming companion and could guarantee getting out at the last (and only, apparently) stop on the way...

If you'd like to see more of Cruikshank's art (and even purchase some), her Etsy shop is here...


  1. Wow. I know it's mostly just Old Man Syndrome, but I swear things were more amusing in the 80s. Stuff like this was all over the place, admittedly, sometimes some very odd places, but still....

    1. She probably got an NEA grant to do it. They don’t exist any longer I believe.

    2. The '80s were, to a point, a good time for animators in general, and Cruikshank was for a while on a roll. After this, she did the credits for a few big films (Reckless People and Mannequin among them), but digitization quickly took over and fashions changed. I think she's pretty terrific, still...

      As for public support for the arts, well - I fear that's an-but-lost cause, alas.

  2. This is a wonderful film. I enjoy animation and have loved cartoons of all kinds all my life. This one is really fun with great music by Elfman. Thanks for sharing this, I never would have seen it otherwise.