Sunday, February 26, 2017

That Happy Feeling

This has popped up hereabouts before, but it appeared in my Facebook feed today and I decided it was just what I needed, and perhaps you do, too. A light in bleak times, the Merm...

This clip catches an odd moment in the Merman canon; there's something about the Muppets that, for whatever reason, brought out something gentle and tender in the old girl. I don't know that I've ever seen her more involved, more real, than she is with Fozzie Bear. And the moment when she reaches out and so sweetly kisses Kermit, well.... strong men weep. A great master passes on her philosophy - her raison d'être - and it's magical.

As for us, well, it's a quiet weekend chez nous - back to the routine, really, after the weeks of travel and then inconvenient invalidism. Himself is off at work, as alas he too often is of a Sunday, and I'm puttering around the house, taking care of laundry and prepping for the week by whipping a big batch of turkey chili. Domestic bliss, I suppose. Still, I wouldn't trade it for a sack of gold...

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  1. I was just writing about domestic bliss in a post and thinking how it cannot be overrated.