Monday, January 2, 2017

Careless Whisper Sneezing

So I was going to try and feature a little eye candy - maybe something seasonal; I was thinking possibly a variation on the New Year's baby, but a lot more buff. Well, all I can say is: whatever else you get when you run a Bing image search on "beefcake diaper," none of it is seasonal. And much of it is a reminder of just how creative some people get in their private lives...

So instead, herewith this rather Leyendeckerische young invalid. Sadly, he's even more appropriate than a New Year's baby, because so far, as far as I'm concerned, 2017 has been mostly coughing and feeling generally lousy. We made it through the festive night, and our dinner with the Retired Bikers was a great success, but by morning I was well on my way to being the infection risk that once upon a time gave rise to monitory placards.

So I can't claim any great accomplishments in these first two days, other than maintaining a rigorous schedule of dog-walking and naps. In regard to the former issue, that's going to be something I'll be doing rather more of, for I have at long last and with genuine regret marked the new year by dispensing with the services of Zach, who joined us nigh on two years ago in the wake of my little health issue and has been taking care of the dusk walk ever since. It feels like a last step toward being entirely recovered and will save us a pretty penny, which is necessary, as on top of everything else, we're having plumbing trauma that's going to end up costing the earth. Why did we want to be property owners? And is this the best that 2017's going to offer?

Answer, as they say, comes there none.

So in theory tomorrow one returns to the rat race, or what passes for it at Golden Handcuffs, but if I feel the way at 5:30 a.m. the way that I do now, they're going to have to start the new year without me. Don't feel too badly for me in my sick-bed loneliness, though - I'm sure there will be a plumber or two at some point to keep me company. And sadly, at least to date, none of them have been the kinds of plumbers who come at such short notice in the racier sorts of film and fiction.



  1. Oh dear, none of this, then? Hey ho. Hope your cold gets better... Jx

  2. Maybe for Three Kings Day one will deliver a lovely package in the form of a hot plumber. It could happen.

    Hope the cold passes quickly.