Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Canine Update

As promised, here you go: a rare, unfiltered, utterly candid snap of the Café's bewitching blond, the one and only Koko. If you can't tell, he's waiting for treats.

But then again, he's always waiting for treats. Is there anything on earth in which hope burns more brightly than the heart of a happy (perhaps even slightly spoiled) dog?

However, while we did indeed have, as planned, a festive day at the Market on Sunday, this particular photo is some weeks older, from our favorite local's very dog-friendly patio. We had a blast on Sunday (and I have a big pot of turkey stew in the oven at this very moment to prove it), but for some reason didn't get much in the way of treasurable snaps.  The crowds were thick, and the prospect of so many tempting ankles makes dear Boudi rather a handful, it must be admitted.

With the Mister enjoying a rare entire weekend day away from his office, we treated not only the dogs but ourselves, venturing back downtown in the afternoon to swan about a bit at a happy hour for Confirmed (non)Bachelors and then out for a round of tapas and sangria. We even had a nightcap in a dark little bar, just like grownups. It was very nice, even though the prospect of seeing Kevin-my-trainer quite unnaturally early on Monday kept me from any memorable misbehavior. I'm guessing Kevin must have had a rather festive Labor Day celebration as well, for he was uncharacteristically subdued, although a little more severe than is his wont about what he calls "your middle-aged hamstrings." Apparently I need to stretch more.

But now all that festivity is behind us, and it's back to school in earnest. I'll have to remind myself, at trying moments, of how much joy can be found in the simplest things - even just, as above, waiting for a dollop of crab dip.

Terrible practical things, really, dogs...