Thursday, April 28, 2016


It's an auspicious day, my dears, and I thought we all deserve a little eye candy. Meet Mr. Mohamed el Bably, who apparently ranks among "8 of Egypt's Top Male Models, at least according to online rag CairoScene.

Stumbling upon this article just now was timely indeed, as I find myself today with eight on my mind, and earlier had even been casting about for a suitable octische sort of image to illustrate today's post.  You see, much to my surprise, it would appear that as of now, the Café Muscato has been gracing the Internets for a remarkable eight years. Time flies when you're making fun of Loretta Young, doesn't it?

Yes, it was on April 28, 2008 that I first took mouse to "publish" button, and really nothing has been the same ever since.  Dear Peenee was the very first commenter, and I'm terribly pleased that he still drops by now and again from his rather naughtier cyberpad. Lot of early-on regulars have since become firm friends, and while the glory days of Fabulon may be just a glimmer of nostalgia and regret, many who became familiars back then still work to alarm and enchant a blog-hungry public (or smaller, more intimate crowds in cosier, for want of a better word, places like Facebook).

As for me, well, I confess I'm really rather pleased with myself. Continuity has never been much of a hallmark of what passes for my existence, and in the days since 2008, I've gone through two more countries, three residences, one new dog (keeping, of course, the old one, mind you), and at least half-a-dozen coiffures, to name just a smattering of the passing show.  No matter all that; here I still am, and here I hope to be for as long as a few hardy souls still drop by.

I really can't say it any better than I did that Sandlandy April day, back in the heady days of Bush, Jr., Crazy Britney, Madoff mania, and our first go-round with ol' Wasilla Barbie herself, la Palin. Now that we live in Trumpland, that all seems rather tame, no?  Well, I like to think I captured my own particular zeitgeist back then, and that it still stands now, as close to that dreaded fact of Corporate Life, the Mission Statement, as I ever hope to come, in a post entitled "Why?":

Because I said so. Because I blame it on the summer night...or the bossa nova. Because that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Because it's always something. 

 Why? Why the strange fascination with the films of Kay Francis? With the minutiae of forgotten mitteleuropean dynasties of the 19th century? With the old age of the Duchess of Windsor? With the youth of Tutankhamun? Why the all joy, the tears, the deep, abiding bemusement with the ways of the world? 

 Just one damn thing after another.

As for Mr. el Bably, there, well, I wish him well; I also wish he goes a little more topless sometime in the near future so we can really tell what we're working with. Among the other 8 Tops, as it were, by the bye, is longtime Café crush Mr. Tarek Naguib; alas, I have to admit he's not looking so fresh these days, although he at least has the good sense to unbutton his shirt.

In case, carissimi - thanks so much for putting up with me, and here's to a few more years. In the immortal words of dear Mrs. Bubbles DeVere - "Champagne for everybody, darlings!"


  1. Heavens! You just reminded me to check - and lo and behold I find I passed my "nonische" (9th) anniversary on 12th March. Congratulations, dear, for your staying power - and thank you for your consistently erudite ruminations, illuminations and profundities... Cheers! Jx

    1. PS Is is Eid al-Fitr already? For Mr el Bably certainly is some kind of feast. Jx

  2. Caro, congratulations dearie. Was I really your first? How sweet. Every day I swear I'm going to get back into more regular blogging like you do and every day inertia wins.

  3. And then there was that ghastly time that you went missing for over a year! We thought we had lost you. Dolly, don't ever go away again....

    1. Not quite that colorful, alas, but they were Interesting Times. And I'm glad they're past...

  4. And an auspicious first Mr. Peenee turned out to be. He was my first too, as in the first blogger I ever met in the, as it were, flesh.
    Bon Anniversaire! x