Friday, November 27, 2015

Three Girls Three

Lo, how the mighty...

It's always fun to check in and see what's up over at Dinah's place, but I have to say I had no idea that by 1975, The Supremes seem to have consisted of a moderately coordinated trio of executive secretaries apparently plucked at the last minute from the audience with no regard at all as to whether they had any lip-syncing skills.

And one can only imagine that their luggage got misplaced, for surely no one in their right mind selected those outfits as stagewear. It's the sort of assortment offered as a holiday gift-pak for knockoff Barbies, although at least usually those also included hats (an omission for which I suppose here we should only be grateful).


  1. You can give up, by the bye, after 3 minutes or so, unless you're really interested in a rambling-even-by-Dinah-standards interview and then more of that damn song...

  2. You made it three minutes in?! Kudos, I was only able to handle about a minute and a half of the swaying dollar days outfits and performance. Yikes!!

    1. Actually, no - but it was only after I posted the damn thing that I saw that it was 12 minutes long and so I skipped a ahead a little. I try to root for the post-Diane Supremes, but geez if they don't make it more than a little difficult...

  3. The K-Tel Decade tag pretty much sums it up.