Saturday, November 14, 2015

Here Am I, Your Special Islands...

We've been itching for a change of scenery, the Mister and me, and now we have one.

Having been given as close as I'm going to get to a clean bill of health, we decided that a bit of celebration was in order, and accordingly we've jetted south.  This morning finds us in sunny Miami (never quite as magical as when first encountered with Betty and Charlotte and the gang in Moon Over said metropolis, but still), and later today we'll motor down to the port and find our way to a cosy stateroom aboard a very nice little ship a couple of football fields in length that will be our home-from-home for the next week.

In theory we'll be visiting a number of special islands, but I think there's every chance we won't actually set foot on one of them.  What can I tell you? Give the Mister access to a thermal suite and an indoor pool, and he's essentially immovable. As for me, I'm happy anywhere I can sit and stare at the ocean. Between us, I think we'll have a very good time indeed.  While I may check in from some exotic destination if the technogods cooperate, if not I hope you'll entertain yourselves for a bit. Check out the archives over there on the right, for example - they're surprisingly amusing, if I do say so myself...


  1. Bon voyage darlings! We await your musings upon your return!

  2. Have a wonderful time sweetie. You deserve it.

  3. This seems appropriate... Have a lovely break, dear! Jx

  4. Have a happy and safe trip! Whatever you do, don't get your hairs braided. Head lice, you know...