Sunday, October 18, 2015

Up to the Glitter

Well, darlings, on the (I'm sure very) off chance that your weekend hasn't turned out to be quite as soigné as perhaps you were hoping, why don't we drop in on Mr. Hefner and see what's happening up at his place?  As it turns out, the marvelous soul queen Carla Thomas has popped by as well, doing something rather magical to "Where do I Go?" from Hair.

It's interesting to think that, at least in this swinging sixties incarnation, the whole Playboy ethos - so much in the news this past week as that venerable publication announces its unlikely new direction in editorial content - was so far from the louche and tawdry, Cosby-esque kinds of unpleasant nonsense that spring to mind these days.  By the mid-'70s (and really, cocaine and Quaaludes do have a lot to answer for, don't they?), things had fallen very far, very fast, but here in 1969, we're somewhere between Mad Men and Aquarius.  Whatever goings-on might be going on upstairs, down here in Hef's spacious, studiously neutral, bird-of-paradise-bedecked, deeply Bradyesque living room, it all seems about as risqué as a church social (if rather more stylish, and with likely a few more cocktails, thank goodness).

Here in our own living room, we are, I fear, not quite as happening, and the spiciest thing, alas, that's happened here this weekend was me assaying a new recipe for sriracha-flavored almonds (I'm under orders to eat quantities of the things, and a plain raw almond is one of the dullest foods on God's green earth, I've learned).

Has your weekend featured anything quite up to Ms. Thomas's level?


  1. Everyone - including the cameraman - has had far too much Campari and soda. And that plate of vol-au-vents on that glass coffee table is laced with Spanish Fly... Jx

  2. My weekend certainly did not end with an awkward half hug from Don Adams.

    ...and I would've much preferred one from Barbara Feldon anyway.

    1. My only memory of Get Smart is my hopeless crush on Agent 99 - I didn't understand a thing that was going on, but she was enthralling...

    2. I wanted her wardrobe, and I wanted to change my name to Max so that she could say it in that wonderful way she did.

      I thought perhaps she could also explain to me why Hymie the robot agent made me a bit tingly inside.