Thursday, November 27, 2014

Last-Minute Menu Suggestion

Just in case your Thanksgiving isn't shaping up to be as perfectly apalling as you'd hoped, here's a tasty, terrifying treat - talk about putting the hell back in Hellmann's!

As for us, while we won't be indulging in this particular delicacy, our day is shaping up nicely here at My Dear Sister's rambling Edwardian house on the fringes of Boston.  Our trip up, blessedly in advance of yesterday's icy unpleasantness, went well, and barring the (almost inevitable, I know) unexpected, we may not even have to venture out today to find an open supermarket.  Since I'm up early, I'm about to launch into my own contributions to the festivities, our traditional molded Port Wine Salad and my grandmother's corn pudding.  We're only five for the big day (not counting the dogs, who are already nosing around the kitchen), so the turkey that's brining out on the porch may not measure up to the behemoths of yesteryear, but it's a good-looking bird nonetheless.

And we have much to be thankful for, large and small; I hope you do, too.  If nothing else, you can be grateful that you likely won't be served a wobbling mass of mayonnaise and cranberry sauce with a birthday candle stuck in it.  It's a start.


  1. Thanks for all of your wonderful posts. And I'd love that corn pudding recipe...

  2. Finishing the roasted pears and red onions to take to the best friend's family. Much affection and devotion to you and yours!

  3. I made spectacular braised ribs and Mme. Childs' potatoes daupinois. I'm writing at this peculiar hour because not even the combination of Alka Seltzer and valium can quite overcome the excess of it all.

  4. I want to get invited to Christmas potluck parties just so I can show up with one of these.