Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn Sonata

The changing season has me down, but I'm trying to handle it with at least a shred of the aplomb that Bette Davis brought to bear.  Although some of that may be coming from the cocktail glass she's so firmly clutching...


  1. This season change has been particularly horrid here - pounding rain and storms, and an invasion of slugs eating the vestiges of our garden and even invading the house(!). Our (admittedly plastiche) greenhouse was lifted bodily off its tent-pegs and deposited upside down at the end of the garden the other day. Sadly all this has rather prevented me lounging, cocktail or no cocktail, in the rapidly-diminishing light. Jx

    1. You poor dear - I hate it when the conservatory goes walkabout!

    2. Ah, but in the immortal words of Miss Elsa Lanchester:

      "If you peek in my gazebo
      As you go strolling by
      You'll see a sight that will delight
      The most fastidious eye"