Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Eid!

Sometimes things just fall in your lap, if only metaphorically.  Today, you see, is the start of Eid el-Fitr, the celebration that follows the end of Ramadan.  Among other things, that means that Mr. Muscato can wake up tomorrow morning and have breakfast at the beginning rather than the end of the day, and I can stop having to sneak around pretending to drink white or red grape juice (fooling no one).

In honor of this solemn holiday, I thought I'd try and find you all something seasonally appropriate and therefore headed out into image-searchlandia having deployed the entirely appropriate terms "eid hunk."  Imagine my surprise when I discovered the engaging gentleman above, who while not, regrettably, Egyptian, is quite aptly named Dani Eid (which is sort of like being named Ethan Christmas).  He's an advertising model of some repute, apparently, and I can certainly see why.

Nothing quite so decorative around our house at the moment (present company and the terriers, of course, excepted), but we're celebrating nonetheless.  The Mister made some of his justly famed baklawa, and I turned out a fairly creditable boeuf en daube.  We're doing our very best to avoid having to think about the pending horrors facing us, but in our heart of hearts we know it looms.

Maybe we'll luck out and our movers will have a Dani-Eidische kind of air...


  1. Here's to a porn-flavored move.

    1. Hey - Dani Eid, the pride of Lebanon, is no cheap porn star!* He's a legitimate frequently-photographed-wearing-as-little-as-possible consumer products endorsement model!

      * alas...

  2. Baklawa and boeuf en daube sound like porn to me

  3. I was thinking of you yesterday at work. The most GORGEOUS man of Indian descent came into our store - packing broad shoulders, narrow waist, luscious hair on his arms and chest, and those eyes. OY! At one point I stopped hearing what he was saying and I was transfixed by his beauty and aura.

  4. I think it is traditional to have a meaty "Eid breakfast". I'm all for it, myself... Jx