Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Very Mary Fourth!

Miss Martin (using an early version of the Noble Middle-Distance Gaze she later honed to steely perfection in Rodgers and Hammerstein works) and I wish all the Café's Dear Readers who celebrate that sort of thing a happy long Independence Day Weekend.

We're short on plans ourselves, for a variety of reasons.  It's Ramadan, which of course rather cuts into any plans along the lines of picnic lunches, and moreover it's looking as the weather is going to be variable at best in Our Nation's Capital.  The Mister's working on and off through long weekend, although blessedly I am not.  However, that only frees up more time to sit and fret about moving and perhaps - just perhaps - actually make some small, hesitating steps at actually doing something about it all.  I've taken to occasionally stalking around the flat with a grim expression, flinging open closet doors and cupboard drawers, and then feeling almost immediately overwhelmed and sitting down until the feeling of impending doom passes.

Still, it's always nice to take an extra day, and I'll try to spend a moment or two feeling more than usually patriotic.  How's about you?  A celebratory viewing of Yankee Doodle Dandy?  Braving a crowd for the fireworks?  Hotdogs and buns (and get your minds out of the gutter)?  Do tell...

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  1. I shall be sitting here in the UK, having fought our way through a week of toil to get this new place sorted into some semblance of civilisation, and promise wholeheartedly to studiously ignore the celebratory revels of our former colony... Jx