Friday, April 11, 2014

Rumor Has It...

...that whatever it was that the Caldwells sounded like... certainly looked like they were on the verge of some particularly unwholesome kind of intra-family key party.

Actually, I'm sure they were pure as the driven snow.  As usual, when faced with an image such as this, my first reaction is to spend a moment pondering the fact that, with the exception (possibly) of the wrought iron and the fireplace, there is not a single natural fiber or substance to be seen.  And that includes the rug.  And the wigs.


  1. I feel fairly certain that this is the Fellowship Hall of some sort of Gothic styled Victorian Baptist church that's been horribly redecorated by the pastor's wife.

    As a child I spent every Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night in one very similar.

    The Caldwells look like the kind of family that would sing for the Sunday evening service with a hip Now Sound meets Jesus.

  2. Ugh. our Baptist fellowship hall was a basement with linoleum. The Caldwell's room looks like a very boring ski lodge with no cocktails. (That's probably how they managed to stay pure as the driven snow).

  3. don't you recognize a sex dungeon when you see one?

  4. With all that hairspray, I suggest they move away from the fireplace.

  5. Sounds like the Caldwells

    ...Looks like some Dynel

    ...Smells like a Clamshell.